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Saturday, July 27, 2013

4758 Sarenith 23rd Oleg's Trading Post in the Riverlands

The pcs dig pits and set up a wagon trap to block the gate of Oleg's Trading Post.

Late AM
The pcs spring a trap on the bandits. 20 bandits are trapped inside Oleg's. Glade casts two entangles that take 7 bandits out of the fight and hinder a number of others. Gregor charges the mob and his horse is cut out from under him but he manages to escape to the safety of the roof. The Halfling Bosco tries to escape but slips on the outside palisade wall and falls and strikes his head slipping into a coma but is rescued by Princess Solvanna. The battle then becomes a cat and mouse game in the narrow alleys where the pits and the pcs melee superiority begin to turn the tide. Finally Gregor channels the fearsome aspect of the death goddess Pharasma and the bandits surrender. After a brief round of questioning the pcs execute the 7 remaining bandits overriding the reservations of Princess Solvanna with her own charter.

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